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Date de création : 20.11.2011
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Publié le 20/11/2011 à 14:50 par tube8

I have the best sex with a woman recently widowed 50 years of age. I have known the couple for 5 years, and inform them when I sold life insurance as an independent financial adviser. They also made several investments and how to inherit large sums of money from the property. The man was much larger, and died suddenly of a heart attack six months. They had become friends more than clients, and was regular in his large house in central London for dinner and parties. Sharon was also flirtatious and saw no more than 40 brunette, 5 feet 8, size 12, nice toned body. We have a Snog or two in a couple of drinks, while the man was gone, but never fucked. I have 35, well built, recently divorced and very successful in my career n After his death he gave over 500 000 in insurance and I was there for Sharon, to assist in the claims. In the evening, he invited me to dinner as thanks. Upon arrival, she was wearing a very sexy tight red dress hugsher body and exposing her breasts bulging half (plastic surgery ). I congratulated him on his attire and appearance. She had made a simple Italian dish and I bought an tube8 expensive bottle of red wine. We sat on the couch, gave his salary and her late husband. I could not thank you enough and approached me and kissed me. I'm a little surprised, came closer and started canoodling with depth. Our exchange Tonque one over the other. His hands were on my chest, unbuttoned his shirt and began to stroke my shaved lightly and muscular chest. She whispered. "I've been screwed for years and does not want me, " My penis was throbbing at this stage, I pulled her nipples and exposes company began to bite. She moaned and pulled my dick and began to masturbate tube8 to mock me by my hand over my entire 8 inch cock. Let me masturbate until I was rock hard and knelt on the carpet, lush and started sucking me. She was an expert in masturbation with one hand and sucks and licks wthat Tonque and mouth. She was like a mad woman wild sex. She continued to suck until I shot my tube8 load right in the throat. He drank every last drop of my salsa. I undressed, put it on the big sofa, spread her legs and started tube8 licking the clitoris. She was soaked. I began to take full Tonque, then bite her clit while I put my finger her wet pussy. She screamed "Fuck Me". was carried to his bedroom, in bed, had a pair of handcuffs, a vibrator and a boc of condoms. He pushes down, stretch the legs and entered her pussy with hard cock again. At the entrance is known cream. "More," he continued. She wrapped her legs around me while I fucked her deep and hard. He began to scratch his back and increased my pace. Immediately all culminated in the queue. I continued to fuck until my second self, the last injection. Snog share a deep and curled. It was not long before I was hard again and tube8 this time it went in the back, hips to hold its deepestOf entry. His hands were tied to the bedposts and fuck, shouting for joy. He returned and continued. It took longer to cum again, but she changed her position so that while I was handcuffed, mounted like a dirty bitch. After she was finished, we were exhausted. Burns and after 30 minutes he asked me to hell with the vibrator, she spread her legs and slid the vibrator at high speed in her, kissing her belly, nipples and neck. She took the vibrator fucking herself while I was licking her breasts. Back. We relaxed a bit and she kissed me everywhere. I took a shower and left. Now we have to meet regularly, and have mind blowing sex sessions. You have to spend thousands of mines and has 5 star holiday tube8 in Dubai booked in two weeks. Can not wait...

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I have the best sex with a woman recently widowed 50 years of age. I have known the couple for 5 years, and inform them when I sold life insurance as an independent fi